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Interdisciplinary Atelier of Creative Synergy

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Damazu Studio

At the heart of DAMAZU Studio is a collaboration and synergy between two artists - a husband and wife team,  and their fields of expression: Pottery, Painting, Photography and Creative Movement. From that encounter is born a unique, poetic dialogue between shapes, places, colours and textures. 

The soul of DAMAZU is to share what we love. So we decided to ground our idea in a studio space - a creative, interdisciplinary hub. You are invited to step into the cosy DAMAZU showroom, where our hand-crafted pottery and selected artworks are on display. And as you walk a little further in, you can witness the process of 'making' and meet the artists.

Being a creative hub, at DAMAZU we plan to offer unique, interdisciplinary workshops that awaken your innermost creativity, curiosity and authentic expression; as well as interesting artist collaborations and special events. 

We believe that sharing what love and what we're continuously learning more about, is a way for us to practice our Damma = Our Duty and Purpose, expressing our Nature the best we can through the work we do. 

    DAMAZU /dä-mah-zoo/ n. [m.f.]  >> 1 Creative Interdisciplinary Hub / Place to feel good >> 2 Creative Synergy of Pottery + PhotographyWorkshops + Special Events >> 3 Atelier / Studio / Place of creation where one witnesses the 'process of making' >> 4 Showroom of unique, hand & heart crafted artisan works you can take home with you  >> 5 -syn. Extraordinary Goods for Daily Life all under one roof.



'Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful!'


All POTTERY pieces are crafted by Artist and Potter David Marchandise. Thrown on a wheel, his ceramic creations gravitate towards radical and essential aesthetic made of simple lines and sensual curves. Superfluous sophistication is traded for lasting quality, daily use and pure enjoyment. His pottery collections are highly functional, long lasting, solid, stackable, and washing machine safe. This being said, David recommends that special care still be dedicated to these heart-crafted pieces ...


His passion for colours has driven him to research different glazes for each family of objects - ranging from primary colours on white clay to nature-inspired shades reminiscent of nature's seasons on stoneware. A special attention is dedicated to the selection of glazes used for bowls and cups, because they come most alive when their aesthetic is combined with delicious, healthy food and liquids. David wishes his pottery work serves our daily routines, while bringing about a celebration of senses through colourful and tactile interactions - bringing us into the present moment. 

All pottery presented on this site is FOR SALE (Stock is Limited // Individual pieces are organic & unique). Please contact us to inquire about prices and availability. 

"Once I started, I couldn't stop" - David M.


Poetic and observant, all PHOTOGRAPHS, captured by Photographer/Videomaker and Yoga-Teacher Zuzana Hudacek Marchandise, are reflections on the necessity for recognizing deeper beauty in daily life & ordinary environments; while being open to stories that can emerge from each moment if we are present for them. The mood is somewhat meditative, opening the door for something new to emerge from within each frame. Zuzana sees life as a constantly and organically evolving, flowing creation that continues to bring forth more and more grace and magic to observe, admire and learn from. Zuzana's interest lies primarily in presenting her photographs on various 'canvases' (surfaces) to enhance textures, to tell a visual story within a different frame - all to compliment the aesthetic quality of a moment captured to take the viewer deeper into it.  

All Photographs presented are FOR SALE (Sizes Upon Request & Dependent on the original format & resolution // Shipping Available only on Unframed Photographs). Please contact us to inquire. 



Team Damazu

David Marchandise

One morning David, color-magician, abstract painter and performance artist, awoke with an epiphany! He was no longer willing to tolerate drinking his beloved coffee from a generic mug that sorely lacked any form of unique imagination ... he felt his daily coffee ritual deserved better! Creatively thirsty and stubborn that he was, he decided to create his own coffee mug !  And so his love affair with POTTERY began ... 

David went to Jingdezhen, China for several residencies to learn porcelain craftsmanship. He then expanded and deepened his knowledge as a potter at La Meridiana - a renown International Ceramic Center in Tuscany. There he studied the beautiful & meticulous mysteries of pottery with two great masters.  


Earlier on ... Fascinated by Post-War American Abstraction, David went on to study Painting at the New York Studio School of Painting, Drawing and Sculpture. After that experience, he began to develop a personal way of presenting his colourful work through movement and interaction with the audience. Having been a two-time finalist at Emerging Artist Awards in Belgium, David was invited to show his paintings and to do art performances at various Galleries and Art Festivals in Belgium, Italy and Switzerland, with a memorable invitation to present his Freedom From The Known - The Doors Series at BOZAR Museum in Brussels. 

Today, David continues to expand as an artist - painter and ceramist, co-creating colourful & uplifting workshops and retreats with his wife Zuzana as part of DAMAZU Studio - their collaborative Creative Hub. 

Zuzana Hudacek Marchandise

Born a seeker, a dreamer, with insatiable desire to travel, observe and interpret life and to inspire others, Zuzana's creative expression has taken on a variety of forms over the past decade. With European roots & later studies and creative work spreading from Toronto, Vancouver, New York to Rome, Zuzana has embraced the world as her home. Working for over a decade as a visual storyteller - Filmmaker &  Photographer - Zuzana also founded a Rome-based yoga studio, where she created an inspiring, international community and developed her own creative & uplifting style of yoga she now teaches independently as ZEM Flow.


During her Film & Visual Arts studies at Ryerson University in Toronto, Zuzana was the recipient of an 'Outstanding Filmmaker' Grant by Ryerson University in conjunction with the Art Section of the French Embassy in Toronto. Once graduated, she received an Emerging Filmmaker 'Calling-Card' Grant from the National Film-board of Canada for which she directed a Documentary Film entitled Heaven Or Not. Later she was a finalist in the nation wide Short-Film competition for the 2010 Canada Winter Olympic Games, for which she directed a short spot entitled Joy that played during the Canada & UK Olympic Games, Berlin International Film Festival and on Air Canada Flights. 

In her visual work Zuzana draws upon the inspirations, teachings and wisdom of Nature to allow many different kinds of beauty to move her. She invites us to take a more attentive look at the fascinating mysteries and stories of life. 


"The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes." - M. Proust​

Together with her husband David, they launched DAMAZU Studio to share what they love all under one roof. 


david & zuzana

"We feel lucky to do what we love and to love what we do. Nature and diversity feed our creativity.  Our wish is for you to enjoy something special when you're having your morning coffee, your hearty lunch, or evening meal, or when you come home at the end of a long day ...

Let us take care of the making & you do the enjoying!"

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