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Interdisciplinary Creative Synergy

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Damazu Studio

At the heart of DAMAZU Studio is a co-creative project, a collaboration and synergy between two artists - David Marchandise & Zuzana Hudacek Marchandise and their individual fields of expression: CERAMICS, PHOTOGRAPHY, DESIGN OBJECTS, PAINTING, PERFORMANCE ART and CREATIVE MOVEMENT. From that encounter is born an ever-changing dialogue between shapes, colours, textures and spatial relating. 

An interdisciplinary hub - as Damazu Studio we share what makes us vibrate and alive. During our collaborative exhibitions, you are invited to step into an imaginary world inspired by the raw qualities of nature and the rich diversity of the world, where our hand-made creations and select photographs converse together in their own, mysterious language. 

Damazu collaboration was founded during an artist-residency at ‘Four Winds’ in Aureille (Les Alpilles, Provence, France) in 2016. Since then, DAMAZU studio has been serving as a co-creative platform for diverse artistic synergies to take shape. 

    DAMAZU /dä-mah-zoo/ n. [m.f.]  >> 1 Creative Interdisciplinary Hub / Damazu Feeling >> 2 Creative Synergy of Ceramics + PhotographyPainting + Creative MovementSpecial Events >> 3 Atelier / Studio / Place of creation where one makes visible what one loves' >> 4 Sharing of hand-crafted creative works  >> 5 -syn. Extraordinary Creations for Daily Life 

DAMAZU Diptych_FaraglioniComboB(210x148,5mm)_edited.jpg


'Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful!'


All CERAMICS are designed and hand-made by Inter-Disciplinary Artist, Ceramicist David Marchandise. David's ceramic creations gravitate towards radical and essential aesthetic made of simple lines and sensual curves, exploring the plasticity of clay and the unique impact a radical intervention along with specific glazing & firing techniques can have on each piece. 

"Once I started, I couldn't stop" - David M.


All PHOTOGRAPHS, captured by Multi-Disciplinary Artist, Photographer/Video-maker, Zuzana Hudacek Marchandise, are reflections on the necessity for recognizing deeper beauty in the daily life & seemingly ordinary environments. The mood is meditative, opening the door for something more subtle to emerge from within each frame. 

Select Photographs presented on this website are FOR SALE (Shipping Available only on Unframed Prints). Please contact us to inquire. 



Team Damazu

David Marchandise

Multidisciplinary Artist - David’s scope of creative expression includes Painting, Ceramics, Pottery and Performance Art. 


Fascinated by Post-War American Abstraction, David went on to study Painting at the New York Studio School of Painting, Drawing and Sculpture. After that experience, he began to develop a personal way of presenting his colourful work through movement and interaction with the audience. His art performances Freedom From The Known - The Doors , My Job, Home Alone and 13 Doors where exhibited in Italy, Switzerland and Belgium.


In 2010, in parallel with his work as a painter, David went to Jingdezhen, China for several residencies to learn porcelain craftsmanship. He then expanded and deepened his knowledge of pottery and ceramics at La Meridiana - an International Ceramic Center in Tuscany. Later on he went to Icheon, Korea, to learn from a Ceramic Master certain traditional techniques for making vessels. During his years of living and working in Canada, David began to expand his relationship of working with clay into the realm of sculpture, developing a personal way of interacting with the medium. The discovery of plasticity of clay is an endless path…


David co-created Damazu Studio, together with his wife Zuzana. He works and lives in Eygalières, France, at the foot of Les Alpilles. 

Zuzana Hudacek Marchandise

Zuzana's creative work has been a process of evolution and expansion. At the base, working as a visual storyteller - Filmmaker &  Photographer - Zuzana collaborated on a large number of video, film and photography projects ranging from those of her own independent making to those of various advertising, photography, film & television production houses. 


During her Film & Visual Arts studies at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University), Zuzana was the recipient of an 'Outstanding Filmmaker Grant’. At the start of her career she was selected for an Emerging Filmmaker 'Calling-Card Grant’ from the National Film-board of Canada (NFB) for which she directed a Documentary Film entitled Heaven Or Not. She was selected as a finalist in the nation-wide Short-Film competition for the 2010 Canada Winter Olympic Games, for which she directed a short spot entitled Joy that played during the Canada & UK Olympic Games as well as the Berlin International Film Festival. 


In 2014 Zuzana founded a Rome-based yoga studio, where she created an inspiring space to host Rome’s international community and developed her own creative style of yoga she now teaches independently as ZEM Flow Yoga.


In her visual work Zuzana draws more and more upon the rawness, mystery and wisdom of Nature as a reflection of her own inner inquiry and necessity for creative expression, allowing diverse forms of visual storytelling to emerge.


Together with her husband David, Zuzana also launched DAMAZU Studio to collaborate on creative projects that align their unique artistic expressions. The couple currently reside and work in Eygalières, in the south of France, at the foot of Les Alpilles.


david & zuzana

"We feel lucky to do what we love and to love what we do. Nature and diversity feed our creativity.  Our wish is for you to enjoy something special  ... hand-made, unique art that embodies organic vibration of aliveness, freedom and meaningful beauty."

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