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Special Events & Exhibitions

'DAMAZU STUDIO SHOWROOM OPEN'  Spring + Summer 2021 

** More Info Here **


'NATURAL TENDENCIES'  - Damazu Pottery & Photography Show

Presented By:    Hugomento //

Where:                807 22nd St., San Francisco, California, USA 

When:                 Dec 09, 2017 - Jan 31, 2018

Reception:          Sat, Dec 09 // 3-6pm 

'NATURAL TENDENCIES'  - Damazu Pottery & Photography Show I.

Presented By:         Salty Pear Gallery //

Where:                     279 Rainbow Rd., Salt Spring Island, Canada  

When:                      Oct 19 - Dec 01, 2017

Reception:              Thur, Oct 19 // 5-10pm 


About Our Workshops & Retreats

Katie N. (Philly, USA)

I wanted to tell you both how beautiful the workshop was today.  It was so wonderful being around such open, warm people and to have safe space to experience and learn ... This was exactly the kind of welcoming environment that makes me feel safe to explore and want to continue learning more and more!  The opening meditation in the circle was particularly powerful for me.  Thank you both for creating such a nice Sunday afternoon of playfulness and openness!

Claudia P. (Rome, Italy)

Thank you two from the bottom of my heart for this soulful weekend. Your thoughtful guidances and your loving leadership brought me to a new place inside myself — I feel transformed. The experience was magical. I am grateful.

Rob W. (USA & Abu Dhabi)

What an amazing weekend.  Thank you so much for your warmth, spirit, energy and wisdom.  I was totally out of my natural habit and LOVED every moment of my time with you and David and the other delicious human beings.  Really a very special time for me a somehow or someway not sure exactly I feel different.  

Lam N. (Cali, USA)

Thank to you both for everything.

It was an incredible experience and a magical one. 

Please keep me posted to any future retreats ... and I will try to make it . From the bottom of my heart sending love. 

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